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10 Great Topics For Your Next Argumentative Research Paper

If you want to write a good argumentative research paper, you will have to keep a few things in mind. Making sure you pick the greatest topic for your research paper will have to be action you focus mostly on at first. Your research will be hard and your paper will be an interesting one in the end though, that’s it if you pick something that will make your research a little less hard and less time consuming. After you pick the topic ( again spend some good time thinking about that ) make sure that you have plenty of research material for your paper and you argumentative essay will come out as good as it can be. Trying not to rush here is the key, so make sure that you have the necessary patience in order to be able to do a great argumentative research paper. This won’t be such a hard job, and to make things even easier for yourself, here are some ideas you can pick as topics for your argumentative research paper:

  1. Does technology today affect our social lives? Does technology basically make us more alone than before?
  2. Do apps usually help you or are they just a distraction keeping you occupied from doing the most important things you have in your schedule ?
  3. What role will robots take in our future? Do you think this kind of a technology would help humanity? Or will it ensure its downfall?
  4. Can technology help kids learn better in class? Could computers be the answer to “Problem kids” ?
  5. Is television a good thing? How does television affect a person’s social life? How about it’s brain?
  6. Should video gaming ever be considered a sport? How about a profession ?
  7. Do video games really make kids more violent? How about the up sides of video gaming? What does video gaming improve in a person?
  8. Can you consider a video game as a true work of art? What does it have to have in order for it to be considered that way?
  9. Would you try and trade your real books for some digital ones? What difference would it make? Do you think it would be helpful?
  10. What writer do you think has predicted what is happening in our society the best? My personal guess : Aldous Huxley. Choose your own.

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