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12 Best Marketing Research Paper Topics For College Students

Creating a research paper in the marketing arena can be extremely problematic. The marketing topics can be quite complex and most of them require extensive date in order to give up-to-date and accurate information. Many times you are not given enough time to create a marketing paper because of the amount of research that is necessary.

Research is one of the most important aspects of a thesis on marketing. This type of assignment requires a ton of preparation. Here are some ideas for topics for your assignment. Just remember to choose one that you can research extensively:

  1. How does prescriptions affect drug store traffic?
  2. How important is customer satisfaction to a banking institution.
  3. Effect of gender on family buying patterns
  4. Effect of the recession on buying behavior of the consumer.
  5. What effects whether people will impulse buy or not?
  6. Consumer’s response to unethical practices that are done by retailers.
  7. The impact of counterfeit brand merchandise on the economy.
  8. What influences customer satisfaction in health care services?
  9. What effect does shoplifting have on retail prices?
  10. Do people spend more because they use a credit card?
  11. Is cash going to be obsolete?
  12. How much does placement of merchandise affect purchase?

Make sure the topic you choose has adequate information available online or in the library. Make sure you keep excellent track of your sources so you can back your facts. There are always a large number of facts associated with marketing papers so make sure you can back up what you put in writing. Once you have adequate information, your next step would be to make an outline of your research paper.

Think of an outline as a roadmap of how you are going to write your thesis. Your outline should have all of your main points. Put them in the outline so you can organize your paper and create a great flow. Once you have completed your outline, you are ready to create your first draft. Marketing papers require you to pay attention to detail so your figures are correct. Once you have completed your rough draft, have someone read your paper and get some advice. Is it understandable? Does it discuss what you thought it would? How would they make it better? After that, make your final adjustments and write your final draft. Check for punctuation and grammar and you are all set. Be thankful you are done and hand it in.

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