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The Top 27 Great Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Writing a persuasive research paper is not supposed to be a challenge for you at this point in time. When you are asked to get ready for such a paper, what matters most is for you to ensure that you have some really good research paper topics that can help you front a good persuasive piece. The following are some of the simple topic examples that you will need to think about:

  1. Discuss whether men should open doors for ladies
  2. Should further studies into male pregnancy be sponsored?
  3. Plastic surgery should be restricted to life threatening situations
  4. Abstinence programs should be banned from schools
  5. Civil unions are supposed to be allowed the same rights as married couples
  6. Do you believe smokers are more open and honest than non-smokers?
  7. When dealing with stress, do you believe humor can help make things easier?
  8. In order to get the hang of life, freshmen should be compelled to live in dorms
  9. Teachers and students should not be allowed to become friends on social networks
  10. Extracurricular activities are supposed to be made mandatory in schools
  11. Discuss which one the better of these two is; eating junk food or skipping meals
  12. Students who are bullied can turn things around and become more empowered
  13. The office dress code that is applicable in a given institution can go so far in boosting the morale of the employees
  14. Poor leadership brings forth bankruptcy
  15. For international communication, Chinese is supposed to be taught as an international language
  16. Citing the case in Greece, discuss some of the reasons why inter-governmental unions are dangerous to the economy
  17. When interviewing candidates, HR managers are supposed to use polygraphs. Discuss
  18. Discuss the effectiveness of delegation of duties to management
  19. It is high time the advertising of dangerous stuff like alcohol was banned. Discuss
  20. Discuss some of the changes that should be effected in the voting system to make it flawless
  21. Do single sex schools provide better education?
  22. Should video game sales be banned?
  23. Bullies in school should be held legally accountable for their actions
  24. How has Wikipedia helped students in college?
  25. Celebrities are not supposed to endorse politicians. Discuss
  26. Explain why newspapers are becoming irrelevant
  27. Discuss why the promotion of diets is supposed to be banned

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