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A List Of Good British History Research Paper Ideas For 8th Grade Students

Writing a research paper can be a daunting task for an 8th grader, because it combines so many different kinds of skills. Unlike most essays that students will have written up to that point, it is not just expository writing or opinion writing, it requires gathering information from other sources, interpreting that information, and synthesizing it to be presented to the reader. To learn more about how to write a research paper, check out this company.

Coming up with a topic for a research paper can be one of the hardest parts. Sometimes your teacher will provide you with a topic, while other times they will simply give you a wide ranging subject, such as British History. When this happens, it can be pretty overwhelming to pick out a single topic from so many centuries of history. When this happens, it is best to decide on the ear that you want to write on, then choose an individual or event that is interesting to you. When you start researching it, try to ask why and how about it.

Use this list of possible topics about British history as a jumping off point:

  1. How does the legacy of Hadrian’s Wall continue to shape British politics?
  2. Compare and contrast Henry VIII’s first and last wives
  3. How has Great Britain’s relationship with France changed through the ages?
  4. How did the split of the Anglican Church from the Roman Catholic Church influence the politics of the day?
  5. How did the Magna Carta contribute to shaping Great Britain’s current political system?
  6. How did geography influence the Anglo-Irish War of 1916-1921?
  7. How did Francis Bacon’s training in the law influence his work as a philosopher?
  8. What was the reaction of different socioeconomic casts to the Corn Laws?
  9. What was the tipping point of the Battle of Britain?
  10. How was the use of the atomic bomb by the United States to end WWII viewed by the British public?
  11. What role did Bernard Montgomery play in WWII?
  12. How was the drama between Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots manipulated by those around them?
  13. How did the American Revolution affect the British economy?
  14. Recount the rise and fall of Oliver Cromwell
  15. How did Queen Victoria shape the industrialization of Britain?

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