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What Makes A Good Abstract For A Research Paper: Expert Advice

Whilst there are many academic papers that will not necessarily need to have an abstract included, particularly when writing essays at a lower level in the educational system, many research papers and other essays will need to have this section included. Essentially, an abstract can be seen as a summary of your work, and will be included at the beginning of your paper.

The abstract will generally be the first thing that most people will read when looking at your paper and, therefore, it is essential that is written to a high standard. In fact, one of the aims of an abstract is to encourage people to continue reading; therefore, it should be carefully thought about and well-prepared, so as to have the best chance of encouraging people to read further.

Working with a limited amount of space

One thing to be aware of when writing an abstract for your research paper is the fact that you have only a limited amount of space with which to say what you need to say. In fact, most abstracts will ideally be not much longer than half page in length - of course, it is possible that your abstract could be a little bit longer, but not by a huge amount.

Due to the limited amount of space that you have to work with, it is important that you make sure that every word counts. Essentially, you cannot include any fluff words in the abstract, as you simply will not have enough room. In fact, you may have to make a choice about exactly what you want to include in your abstract section, as there will likely be various words or sentences, or even paragraphs that simply cannot be included because they exceed the amount of room that you have to write your abstract.

Details to include

Basically, your abstract needs to be a brief summary of the rest of the work and, therefore, you will need to elaborate further on the title that you have given your work, as well as including details about any hypothesis or other questions that you may wish to ask. If you have referred to any other important studies then you may also wish to include a brief reference to them too, as well as any methods that you may have used in order to gather your own information and results.

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