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Best Advice on How to Write an Acknowledgement for a Research Paper

Writing the acknowledgement for a research paper or any large investigative assignment is the time when you can acknowledge all the efforts of those around you who helped to contribute to the success of the project. It is not something to be taken lightly so when you reach this point in your project consider this advice so that you do not inadvertently miss out on anyone who helped you with your work.

  • Keep track of names throughout the project
  • Rome was not built in a day and neither will your extensive research be done that quickly. One tip for people who embark on these massive projects is to keep track of names as you progress through your work. This will ensure that the people helped you get started and the people who helped you complete will not be forgotten.

  • Prioritize the listing of names
  • Throughout your work people will have contributed in different ways. Some may have provided editing assistance so that the grammar and structure of your work were correct and others may just have brought you something to drink while you were working. Each level of contribution is important but you want to ensure those people who contributed time, money and their own efforts are recognized first. It would not be good to publish your work and a major contributor was mentioned last, especially if they are a potential employer. Prioritize the list of names and ensure that everyone gets the credit they deserve for your work.

  • Family, friends and pets
  • Finally, when you are writing an acknowledgement, you do not want to forget the help that your family, friends and even your pets give you. Family is always there for you when you need them and may have provided a room, shelter and food while you worked. Friends were available to support you during the research and provide breaks and moral support. Even pets can contribute their calming presence if they lay in the room with you while you worked. Let them know you appreciated their help by including them in the acknowledgement.

Writing an acknowledgement is the thank you note of your research paper. Remember these tips and when it comes time to acknowledge everyone’s help you will make sure to have a thorough, prioritized list of everyone who made a contribution to your success.

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