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Top 17 Biology Research Paper Topics For College Students

The following are some of the top research paper topics that you can present for your biology paper.

  1. Discuss how biological concepts can be applied to make the world a better place
  2. Biological weaponry is a sign of new age technology that uses biology for the destruction of good. Explain how biological weapons can be used for greater good
  3. With respect to obesity, discuss how genetics plays a role in this disorder. Discuss the types of genes that are prone to obesity
  4. Explain some measures that can be put in place to protect the future generations from obesity
  5. How does abortions affect the mother in the future? Discuss how procuring one right now can affect future births
  6. Is homosexuality transmitted genetically? Discuss citing relevant research and appropriate examples
  7. Medicinal cannabis has been approved in so many states. Discuss how effective it is compared to conventional prescription medicine.
  8. Explain the process through which cannabis acts in the receptor cells to calm the nerves
  9. Discuss cannabis for pets, and how this can be used to help animals that have undergone invasive therapy
  10. How effective are the vaccines that are administered to small kids?
  11. Explain some of the challenges that are faced by the ladies who take birth control pills, with respect to the side effects
  12. Explain how the environment wherein an individual resides or partakes from time to time can contribute to them having cancer
  13. Discuss relevant milestones that have been made over the past 20 years when it comes to dealing with genetic diseases. Clearly elaborate any three diseases
  14. Global warming is a challenge that can be dealt with from different perspectives. Discuss any biological alternatives that can be used to help in averting this crisis
  15. Some people have been known to trust particular brands of medication to help them get relief better than others, especially prescription medication. Discuss the mental element of this concept
  16. Discuss any practical applications of evolutionary biology with respect to the world that we live in today
  17. Genetic modification has come a long way, to the point where parents are able to work with their doctors to make sure that they have a particular type of baby, twins and so forth. Discuss some of the ethical challenges that are associated with this concept.

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