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Top 20 Impressive Term Paper Topics about Business

In order to create an impressive term paper on business, you need to choose a great topic. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. Just remember that every piece of academic writing must be educational. Therefore, you should focus on relevant issues. Study the news and professional publications for inspiration. You should always write about something you are really interested in personally. This will make it easier for you to focus on the project because you won’t have any trouble motivating yourself to continue research.

Another important thing is to consider the scope of the topic you choose. Take your word count requirements into consideration. Can you cover the subject completely within this limit? If not, you will need to narrow down your topic to the point where you find a perfect match. Please remember that filler content will reduce the value of your work, so you have to avoid it.

If you struggle to come up with an interesting original business term paper topic on your own, use the following suggestion for inspiration:

  1. Patent wars between Apple and Samsung: can there be a winner?
  2. Is it possible to make a win-win investment in business sustainability?
  3. Feminism economics: is this the route to equality or chaos?
  4. The role of credit cards in the development of debt culture. Will supplying the cards with a warning help?
  5. Pay based on performance: there should be no minimum wage.
  6. Is it possible to stop computer pirates? How will this reflect on users and country’s economy?
  7. Online marketing can replace all other forms of advertising and produce more efficient results.
  8. All small businesses should have websites and offer online services.
  9. Businesses should send “Happy Birthday!” messages to all their clients.
  10. People should give up cash to save trees.
  11. The tobacco industry should donate to cancer research.
  12. Every brand should have a social media account and use it daily to interact with clients.
  13. Global companies should adapt their business based on national peculiarities of the countries they are dealing with.
  14. Successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of colleges should share their success stories.
  15. Gun control policies can ruin the firearm industry.
  16. How does the EU economic crisis can affect small businesses in the U.S.?
  17. Is it possible to narrow the gaps in skills and knowledge required by businesses and those that possessed by fresh college graduates.
  18. Can outsourcing solve the economic problems of the developing countries?
  19. Personal role of Steve Jobs in the establishment of Apple obsession.
  20. The true cost of IT outsourcing to India.

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