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How To Do A Chicago Style Research Paper: A Step-By-Step Guide

The Chicago style of writing and citation is quite popular in the United States of America for writing research papers. It is being published by the University of Chicago Press for the past century or so. It is also referred to as the Chicago Manual of Style.

Here are a few guidelines you should follow while using the Chicago style to write research papers:

  • The margins have to be set at a minimum of an inch and a maximum of an inch and a half.
  • The minimum font size that can be used is 10 pt.
  • The font style used should be easily readable such as Palatino, Times New Roman or Tahoma.
  • The title should be placed a third of the way down the page and be centre aligned as well.
  • After several lines from the title, you’ll write down your name and other relevant information as required.
  • The header of the first page is where the numbering starts with Arabic numeral 1.
  • The titles, subtitles, bibliography, or notes should have their first words capitalized. Any important words other than the first words in these should be capitalized as well.
  • The indentation of a new paragraph should be set at half an inch.
  • In longer papers, it is advised to use subheadings.
  • A blank line space should be included before and after each subheading and you should avoid terminating them with periods.
  • The consistent double-spacing of the text is mandatory. There are a few exceptions such as in figures, titles of tables and block quotations wheresingle-spacing is required.
  • It is mandatory to italicize book and periodical titles.
  • It is mandatory to enclose article and chapter titles in double quotation marks.
  • You need to make a block out of a prose quotation of five lines or more. Single spacing should be done in such a block and the use of any quotation marks is prohibited. Before and after such a block, an extra line space should also be left. The entire block is to be indented half an inch from the margin.
  • Two blank lines should be left between “References” and “Bibliography” and your first entry in these sections.
  • In the text, note numbers of footnotes should be superscripted.
  • You need to leave an extra blank line space between bibliographic and note entries.
  • You need to use single spacing in the bibliographic and notes sections.
  • The figures and tables should be placed after the paragraph in which they’re described.
  • The source of the figures and tables should be cited at the bottom of the figure or table. This line should begin with the word Source(s). It should be followed with a colon and terminated with a period.

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