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Economic Research Paper Sample: How To Find And Use It Effectively

Writing an economic research paper does not have to be difficult. By reading through sample essays, students can learn the type of writing and formatting that is expected from their own work. To get started, students need to find an economic research paper sample and begin reading through it.

Look Online

To find an economic research paper sample, students need to look online. Academic websites and university homepages will often publish the best examples of their work. In addition, essay writing websites will have various samples that are provided for free. Students can also try looking in their campus library for examples, or they can ask a teacher for extra help. Professors are normally available during office hours, so students can visit them during this time to ask for advice.

Find a Similar Subject

Ideally, the student should find a research paper that is about a similar topic. By doing this, the student can see exactly how their topic should be structured. Although it is not always possible to find a similar topic, students should try their best to locate one.

Highlight the Topic Sentences

Once the student has found an economic research paper sample, they should start by reading through it. As they read, the student should highlight the thesis and the topic sentences in each paragraph. Later on, the student can go back and look at these topics sentences to learn the best way to structure an argument. This technique works especially well for students who do not have experience in this type of writing.

Look at Citations

In academia, essays are normally written in MLA, APA or Chicago style. Each of these styles use a different type of citation or bibliography. To get a top score on the assignment, the student should make sure that they cite all of their sources correctly. Initially, the student can check out a writing manual on the style from the library. Since it can take hours to read through the writing manual, the student can also look at the way citations are used in the example. They can then copy the format when they are writing their own assignment.

Check Out the Bibliography

If the student has chosen a similar topic in the example, the bibliography will contain academic sources and journals that are relevant to the student's assignment. Rather than start the research process from scratch, the student can read through the example's bibliography to find materials for their economic paper.

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