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Good Recommendations on How to Write the Hypothesis in a Research Paper

A hypothesis is a logical supposition which provides a tentative explanation for a phenomenon under investigation. It ties up your whole paper thus determining how you will do the experiment and how you will conclude.

Choose a topic

Your whole paper works towards convincing the reader that your theory is right. Your analysis is composed of an investigation into the validity of the theory. If you have a wide field, narrow down to a particular area of the niche. As such, choose a topic that you can handle without a problem.

Source for materials

Start by sourcing comprehensively for your topic. Exhaust materials from the library or use online sources. Extensive Sourcing helps you to get enough information on your subject. Also have a narrow topic. With a narrow topic you will concentrate on the topic and hence you will get a lot of information on the topic.

Study the literature

The information you source should assist you in asking specific questions. At this point, check the materials to help you answer the questions you asked. Your study question then develops from the questions that were not answered with your sources.

Come up with questions

Your assumption should drive the fundamental issue. When you state your theory, ensure it matches the experiment procedures. Also, you have to determine the central question that you want to answer in your essay. Devise the statement in a way that it indicates a relationship.

Determine the variables

You have to be sure that you’re the statement contains variables. The rest of the paper should be done with the statement in mind as you ensure all the experiments are towards upholding or disapproving your theory.

Write the hypothesis

At the end of your study craft a predicted result in the form ‘if…then’. You should then analyze the outcome to either support or disapprove of your supposition. Two parts make the theory, the ‘if' part and the ‘then' part. Make it sound neat by turning the words around. For instance, instead of saying ‘if the temperature rises to ninety degrees, the water will evaporate.' Instead of this, you could say ‘the water will evaporate if the temperature rises.'

This format does not only make the statement look elegant, but also makes the statement look like a fact. Writing a hypothesis for your paper can be very challenging. Consequently, it may give you a hard time formulating one. However, as a student you must also be careful to check the errors in your work before submission.

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