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A List Of The Most Challenging Literary Analysis Research Paper Ideas

Literary analysis is one of the most difficult tasks a student could have, especially if your whole grade depends on it. They have an extra part to them, in structure. You have your standard introduction, the body of the essay, and the conclusion. But they also have the part called the statement, when one is telling in just a few sentences what the reason for writing is and what will be the result. It is the essence of the whole paper. It is very important to choose an intriguing and layered topic for your paper, because a topic like this will actually be easier to write about in a research paper.

Here are a few most challenging literary analysis research paper ideas that can be inspiration for finding your own preferred topic.

  • The circus themes behind the Great Gatsby: Animals and freaks in the swirl of capitalism, hedonism and Nietzscheism
  • Shakespeare and the fall of civilization: Great writer with the great disappointment in the good in the human kind
  • Lust and hate in the modern Japanese haiku poetry: How a few word tell more than a whole novel
  • How did Orwell trick us into thinking lack of information is key to dictatorship and death of freedom
  • Drugs in the modern literary jewels and the fall of moral through the centuries
  • Finding the perfect poem: Decameron and the art of love in the eve of renaissance
  • Finding the perfect short story: Oscar Wild and his ability to say the unspoken trough the symbolism in his short works
  • Freighting stories that inspired fairy tales: Behind every beautiful ending there is a scary real life story from the history

Writing about a great literary work of art takes time and patience. It also takes some introspective thinking and some brainstorming on what we want to tell with our analysis. Not all literary analysis needs to be complicated. You can write about some simple books, like children’s book. Never the less, that means going deep into the structure of that literary work and finding the hidden meaning behind simple constructions. That’s why it is essential to choose the right topic for your analysis or you will easily be lost. These ideas are not maybe the greatest topics for your analysis, but can be a starting point if you would like to concentrate on a certain literary work or epoch.

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