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Composing A Proper MLA Style Term Paper Outline Easily

Probably you have been given a term paper where you are supposed to use the MLA format. Modern Language Association, also known as MLA, is a commonly used referencing style especially for academic papers. It is mostly used for subjects such as humanities and liberal arts. MLA format is very easy to use if only simple guidelines are followed.

Understanding the basics

There are some basic requirements that should be followed while using MLA referencing, for instance using Times New Roman font and font size of 12. As for the page margins ensure that they are all set at an inch. Name of the document and page number should be listed under the header section on the right side. They should be on the right hand side. Always ensure then is a double space between the lines. The pages should be named in Arabic numerals (1,2,3). While referring to other works in your title, always use italics and quotation marks. Section headings can also be included if need be.

What the cover page should contain

This is the usually the first page of the essay or term paper. On the upper left side of the document insert your name, instructor’s name, and date and class information on separate lines. Title of the essay should be centered and properly capitalized. The essay should begin immediately under the title till the end. Paragraphs should be tabbed for easy reading.

What you need to know about citations

It is important and ethical to cite information used on the essay that is borrowed from other sources. Not citing equals to plagiarizing. Citations should be written as they appear from the borrowed sources. Just before the citations, “Works Cited” title must appear. This makes it easy to locate the references. It is probably the most complicated part of essay writing. It may be time consuming but once you get hang of it becomes easier. MLA gives your term paper a professional look. It is the most common used referencing style in colleges and high schools. Although there are many other ways of referencing, MLA appears to be the simplest. There are handbooks and websites that have clearly explained the MLA referencing style.

When you follow these guidelines, you will have a top paper written in MLA format. You can also visit this service for a simplified MLA tutorial lesson.

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