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The Top 20 Best Ideas For Your Oceanography Term Paper

Finding an idea for the oceanography term paper can be a challenging task for students as there are a multitude of aspects in oceanography that may be explored and determining the most effective one for the term paper can be confusing. Following is a question of ideas for the oceanography term paper which can be used by students:

  1. Evaluating the significance of manganese nodules as an essential resource.
  2. Assessing the significance of tephra and as a part of sediments.
  3. Determining water temperatures by utilizing oxygen isotopes in shells of marine organisms.
  4. The negative impacts of exploiting continental shelves for oil.
  5. Exploring the colonization and role of hydrothermal vents.
  6. The lessons that can be derived from the deep sea drilling project.
  7. Communities dependent upon chemosynthesis and their role in marine ecology.
  8. Discuss the different models for the movement of oceanic and continental plates.
  9. The significance of humic acids in seawater and their role.
  10. The impacts of acid rain on the chemical composition of seawater.
  11. The significance of marine snow.
  12. The use of radioactive isotopes developed artificially for oceanographic research.
  13. The formation of barrier islands and their significance.
  14. The impacts of seawalls on the geomorphology of the coastal areas.
  15. The significance tidal power as a source to produce electricity.
  16. The reasons behind vertical migration of animals on a daily basis.
  17. The factors that contribute towards high deep sea diversity apart from the presence of hydrothermal vent communities.
  18. What are the impacts of commercial whaling and can it be justified as an ethical act? Consider the decision by Norway to resume the practice.
  19. Explanation of the circulation of water in fjords.
  20. What are the main causes of coral bleaching and what are its impacts.

It can be inferred from this list of topics and ideas that oceanography has a very diverse range of topics which can be explored. There are so many aspects to the oceans which have been explored and there are even more which are yet to be explored. Therefore, the diversity of the topics is set to increase even more as more research is conducted and more discoveries are made in the unknown depths of the oceans around the globe

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