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Constructing A Qualitative Research Paper Outline Step By Step

While compiling a research paper, you have to think of a methodical plan and then stick to it in entirety. The main point is to abide by the regulations that the outline impose on you. You cannot afford to be loose-ended with the outline.

Here is how you construct a qualitative outline for your paper –

  • Understand the topic – Before everything, you have to consummately understand the topic. Otherwise, you will face several roadblocks in your progression. You should assess the topical theme from various standpoints and squeeze the effects in a nutshell.
  • Planning the progress – Having understood the topic, you should go on to sketch how you will proceed with the junctures. You should jot down the emphatic points and make the cornerstone of your outline.
  • The Abstract – This is a 400 word introduction where you subtly lay the innards of the paper. You should be assertive in your quest and give the reader a sense of direction. This triggers your eventual paper into being.
  • The Introduction – Plan out a sentient literature review where you corner the pertinent questions and back your choice of the topical theme. You should place the resources you have utilized in the background section.
  • The Methods – You should then draw the outline for the methods. How you will conduct them and how many people you will require for the survey. You should also be clear about the sampling; random or quota.
  • The Conclusion – You should venture to offer solutions through your conclusion and for that, you have to intelligently plan the ending sequence. Remember that it carries nothing new; only the essence of previous sections.
  • The Reference – Here, your labor comes to a fruitful shore. You have to show how you have adopted a certain format style and remained consistent with it. Your referencing and alignment should be point-perfect and compact. You need to be equally systematic with the appendix and tables section.

Paying enough heed

Thus, by paying heed to the outline, you can encompass the entire paper. You just need to be diligent and inspirational in drawing the outline. You can take ideas from eminent samples and utilize them in your paper in an inspired way.

You should invest enough sweat and labor in researching for the paper. This means spending a lot of time in the library and field. However, it is all for the betterment of your academic pursuit. So, just lay it on the line.

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