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Composing an Original Research Paper about Julius Caesar

Riddled with intrigue, combats, power-play, and passion, the life of Julius Caesar provides ample juicy material for a superb research paper. Here are a few tips on how to compose an impressive and original research paper based on his dynamic life.

  1. Choose an Angle and Make it Fresh
  2. Before you begin writing your paper, decide what direction you are going to take in the specific topic of your work. Instead of simply writing a biographical essay, pursue a more specialized inquiry into his life. Here is a list of some different possible angles you could take in your writing.

    • Discuss Caesar’s upbringing and how it influenced his later life course.
    • Explain how the governor dismissed Roman regulations and instead crossed the River Rubicon, defeating his enemies. Expound on the potential outcomes if he had obeyed the rules and remained in his own province.
    • Delve into the intricacies of his personality and how particular events in his life could have occurred in another way if his nature had been different.
    • Probe the question as to whether the governor made grave mistakes during his reign and outline what they were.
    • Contrast how the dictator was conversely viewed by the poor and rich.
    • Compare his life with that of another past or present military or political figure.
    • Examine how the dictator’s self-confidence, pride, and belief in his own immortality led to the existence of countless enemies and his own subsequent passing.
    • Write about the life of Brutus, his friendship with Julius and how Caesar’s behavior and actions led to his eventual demise.
    • Explore how Caesar’s prevailing influence continued to ripple and wield power, even after his death.
    • Describe the legacy he left after his death and predict possible outcomes if he had never become a leader in the Roman Empire.
  3. Do Your Research
  4. Now that you have some ideas to serve as a launching pad to your own creative genius, do your own detailed research. Gain as much knowledge from reputable websites and books as you can before beginning your composition. Once you have a clear idea about the details of Caesar’s life and an angle you want to pursue in your writing, you’ll be able to craft your paper speedily, efficiently, and skillfully.

With these ideas as a springboard to your own, you’ll be on your way to creating a robust and colorful research paper on the life of this powerful dictator.

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