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How To Create A Brilliant Research Paper Conclusion: Effective Tips For College

When you write a research paper, you are always tempted to focus on the introduction and the body of the text. By the time you reach to the end, you are already bored and excited to finish so you do not pay as much attention to the conclusion. This is why you will never get the maximum grades; your entire research paper needs to be perfect, from the beginning to the end. It’s easy to create a brilliant conclusion, as long as you apply these tips and you keep yourself focused:

  • Don’t write too much. I know that you want to prove your knowledge and you want to be sure that you will get high marks, but writing a huge conclusion is not the way to do this. It will only be confusing for anyone, and your colleagues will not understand where the body ends and the conclusion begins. Try to limit yourself to two paragraphs or less; anything that is over this is not suitable.
  • Don’t form the conclusion based on your opinion. If you have to work with a controversial topic you might be eager to state your opinion in your research paper. You can do this, but you can not use your personal preferences as an argument. You still need facts and evidence if you want to convince anyone that your paper is worth reading. Also, when you do write your personal opinion try to do it in a few lines, without being too extreme. Be honest, but realistic, and don’t offend others who have a different opinion than you.
  • Don’t bring new ideas in discussion. Let’s say that you just finished your research paper and you are about to write the conclusion. Suddenly you had this amazing idea and you want to introduce it at the end. Believe me, it’s a bad idea! No one will understand how it is connected to the subject since you did not analyze it before. Besides, they will assume that you are just trying desperately to save your composition by bringing unrelated ideas in discussion.
  • Don’t use references or quotations. You had plenty of time to do this until now; you can not bring a new reference in the last lines of your paper and expect anyone to pay attention to it. You need to give them closure, not new information.

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