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5 Rules Of Writing A Research Paper Discussion Section

While many students to understand how absolutely crucial the discussion section of their research paper is, not all of them actually know how to go about writing it correctly. This is a problem, as a poorly composed discussion section can result in a terrible grade, even if the rest of the research paper is of excellent quality. This article explains the five most important rules about how to write a discussion section. If you follow them, you should end up with an excellent piece and a fantastic grade to match.

Rule 1: Know what to include

Because it is part of a formal piece of writing, there are certain things that you need to include in this segment of your work. They are essential elements of this segment and cannot be excluded. The following is a list of these essential elements:

  1. State the major findings of your study
  2. Explain what your findings mean and why they are important to your field of study
  3. Compare the findings of your study to findings of other similar studies
  4. Provide possible alternative reasons for the findings of your study
  5. Examine the implications of your findings on your field of study
  6. Describe any limitations of your study and findings

Rule 2: Know what to avoid

There are a few things that you should avoid doing in this segment of your work. These include criticizing other studies, unjustified conjecture, over interpreting your findings, drawing false conclusions, and exaggerating the significance of your findings. All of these things will only lower the standard of your work, so avoid them.

Rule 3: Remain as objective as possible

Objectivity is a vital characteristic of a good research paper, so try to remain as objective as possible throughout your entire work, and especially in this segment.

Rule 4: Write your discussion section after you’ve completed your research paper

It may seem to be quite obvious, but it is worth pointing out that you should only write your discussion section once you’ve completed the rest of your research paper. Don’t be tempted to preempt your findings and compose this segment early. Rather wait until it’s the proper time to compose it.

Rule 5: Proofread your discussion section

As with any written piece, you should proofread this segment of your research paper very carefully. You need to make sure there are absolutely no errors or inconsistencies, as your lecturer is likely to scrutinize this segment of your work especially carefully.

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