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Looking for a Strong Research Paper Executive Summary Sample

People need to have a reason to read your research. It doesn’t matter how much time or effort you’ve spent, or how precise your methodology is proving to be, very few people are going to read a lengthy dissertation unless there is a reason for them to do that. This is where the Executive Summary helps. In a composition that is 300 words or less, you let a curious person know what you have done research on. That can arouse curiosity and make the individual turn the page, so to speak. There are places where you can find some samples which you can get inspiration for writing your own executive summary.

  • Scholarly Journals. These are periodicals that publish the work of academics and professional researchers. You can take a look at the given articles knowing that there is an executive summary ordinarily attached to it. Preferably, you will look in those journals which are in your field of study.
  • The Graduate Library. Your department may have its own library and the works of others connected to the library, either students or faculty, may be stored on the bookshelves. Taking a look at those executive summaries hint at what your department would like to see in the composition.
  • Report Writing Websites. The Internet has numerous websites that offer report writing services. These platforms in the sky may have examples of executive summaries which you can take a look at.
  • The Main Library of University. As with the graduate library the main library on campus may have volumes of research papers including their executive summaries.

You should be noticing something as you look at all of these samples. The best ones are written in very clear English that is easy to understand. You may be well-versed in the language and jargon of your discipline, but others might not. It is to your best interests to write executive summary in such a way that a nonacademic may be interested.

The Executive Summary is also a marketing piece. You’re asking people to read your work and the summary invites them to do just that. While the language still has to be professional and not full of gimmicks, you can write a very persuasive paragraph that will convince a person to investigate further the research you have done. The executive summary is an important part of the whole it comes to your paper. Composing the strong one that has interesting facts and entices the reader will definitely help you.

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