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Five Basic Steps To Take When Writing A Research Paper In Design

If you are asked to write a thesis in design, be it architectural design or design in general, you need to stick to the basics. This is because most people cannot avoid the temptation of choosing a thesis topic that looks very promising on the face of it but the thesis lacks substance. If you are pursuing your doctoral program and you are all set to write your first research paper, here are five basic steps you need to follow to avoid getting low score.

  • Choose a topic which you are familiar with
  • More importantly, choose a topic on which you can get enough information in both public and non-public domains. You don’t have to write a world-shattering dissertation and you don’t have anybody to impress. All you have to do is to write an argumentative piece which has enough substance. Keep in mind that your effort would completely go in vain if you cannot substantiate your argument.

  • Be prepared for research defence
  • When you write the thesis, be prepared for the oral face-to-face examination that shortly follows. You may be asked during the interview whether your thesis or parts of it is publishable. You need to explain them why you think that some parts or the whole thesis can be published in the future. Therefore, if you are discussing a complex design theory, make sure that you know your topic very well.

  • Clarity of thought
  • Your thesis should clearly demonstrate how good you are at organizing your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to elaborate your points and use clear and pointed examples only. Do not use cluttered examples as it might confuse the reader. Put it differently, you should demonstrate clarity of thought in your entire essay.

  • Good structure
  • If you want to impress your examiners with tour thesis, you need to structure it well. You need to maintain a good structure throughout for making it look decent. For example, you need to start with a nice introduction, followed by a solid thesis statement, followed by list of abbreviations and so on. There should be a logical correlation between your sections and subsections too.

  • Watch your grammar
  • Whether you are writing an essay or thesis on design or any other topic, you need to pay special attention to the grammar and spelling. You need to revise your finished paper a number of times to make sure that the end product is devoid of such errors.

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