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Free Tutorial on Writing a Research Paper about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a specific field of computer science that is focused on making robots and machines respond like humans. The study has been developed and redefined in the course of years, and it covers a variety of fascinating topics nowadays. In your research paper about artificial intelligence, you should give an answer to a question in a specific field of the science and support it with relevant evidence and findings.

Selecting a Topic

You should shed new light on the existing knowledge in the field or investigate something that hasn’t been investigated yet in your paper. The following tips will help you come up with a new and original topic about artificial intelligence.

  • Decide on your interest area.
  • Jot down the ideas you want to learn more about. The potential topics may cover robotics, autonomous vehicles, neural networks, cognitive computing, algorithms, machine learning, space study, games, drones, recognition, ethical issues, problems, etc.

  • Try to find an unexplored segment in your interest area.
  • Deep preliminary research is a must at this stage. Read survey papers on the subject and try to see current trends in the field. Check what issues of artificial intelligence have already been investigated. If you don’t find any gaps in the existing study of your specific interest area, look how it can be applied in a different field (e.g. electronics, computers, etc.)

  • Consult with the experts.
  • Your teacher or the students who have already written papers about artificial intelligence may prompt interesting ideas for your project.

Writing the Paper

  • Clearly formulate your research question.
  • It will be your thesis so make sure that it is narrow and specific enough.

  • Find the evidence or come up with your findings.
  • Read publications in the field, summarize them, and analyze. If you do an original research, prepare the necessary equipment, and check if your hypothesis is true. Write down the findings.

  • Prepare an outline.
  • A quick preliminary outline will help you distribute available information on the topic effectively. Namely, your paper on artificial intelligence should cover the following necessary sections: introduction, methodology, results, and discussion.

  • Write in your order.
  • Start with the results and discussion chapters first. It will help you analyze the topic immediately after completing the study or conducting the experiment and avoid missing any important details.

  • Remember the requirements.
  • Your paper about artificial intelligence should follow a set of rules. Namely, make sure that you format it in the necessary style, cite consistently, and arrange your references properly.

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