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Creating A Strong Research Paper Outline In 5 Steps

A research paper is a lengthy and complicated academic assignment and you cannot complete it in one go. You cannot simply sit overnight to create an effective term paper and submit it in the morning. You will have to pay attention to a couple of things while writing your research paper. You might even take longer than expected to plan your paper and create an effective outline. This can vary with the instructions by the teacher, the interest level in the subject, the complexity of the assignment and the dedication of the student. However, like most of the academic assignments, you would need a strong outline before the writing phase. This is a part of pre-writing phase where you create a structure, theme, purpose, focus, alignment, order, and successive events in your paper. This is the entire functionality of your paper and you only have to explain it in the writing phase. They say if you have a topic and an outline, 70% of your task is already done

It is neither difficult nor very easy to create an outline and you have to put your efforts into it. If you create a proper plan and methodology, you can easily complete the first skeleton of your paper. The process however, requires you to be patient, dedicated, and logical. Remember that whatever stance you take in your paper, the data you collect must be able to support it. Never waste your time or focus on contradicting statements and develop your stance once that you will carry out for the rest of your assignment

To create an effective outline for a research paper in five easy steps, you need to follow the instructions below

  1. Create your thesis statement
  2. The thesis statement is the core aim of your entire paper. It represents the entire theme of your work and shows the reader the real scope and focus of your work. You need to make sure that you have a clear statement from the start

  3. Develop your major arguments
  4. The next thing you should be able to do is to develop your major arguments based on your thesis statement.

  5. Research for the evidence
  6. Find data to prove your major arguments in your paper

  7. Organize the data
  8. This will help create and maintain an order in your paper

  9. Write your outline
  10. Create the first draft of your outline

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