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Completing A Research Paper Proposal: A Guide For High School Students

When you are in high school one of the many assignments you will come across as the research paper. This assignment is a standard assignment that every student must complete on multiplications. Today more than ever before students are being required to submit research paper proposals prior to completing the actual assignment. The purpose of this proposal is to demonstrate to your teachers that you have conducted all the necessary research to justify the topic you have selected.

  • When you are writing a proposal you want to demonstrate to your audience that you have conducted adequate background informatio to support the idea you want to call your thesis. In many cases you simply have to present the information that you are going to cover such as your preliminary thesis as well as the existing literature on the topic to indicate that you have conducted some form of the review. In addition to this your proposal should include information such as what search methods you were going to use and why the search methods you have chosen are the best suited research methods out of all the potential methods available. If, for example you have chosen quantitative research methods you have to explain to your readers why this is a better choice compared to qualitative methods. This is where you justify the whole of your assignment.
  • It is important that you check with your school to determine whether or not they have specific requirements in terms of formatting. Some schools simply ask that something be structured in APA style or MLA style but other schools have very specific rules regarding the overall layout of the proposal. If you have any questions it is imperative that you speak with your professor and get answers as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to have your proposal rejected simply due to a style formality.
  • The original proposal is not intended to be an extremely long piece of writing and should be roughly 10% of the total length of the assignment you have. This means that if your overall assignment is very long you will have a significantly longer research proposal compared to a final document that is a few pages in length. It is imperative that when you work on your project, you make sure to fully cite all evidence you include, even at this beginning stage.

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