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Composing A Research Paper Purpose Statement: Vital Advice

The need for a purpose statement in your paper is as important as the thesis statement that you normally present in the introduction. This is a statement that shows the reader the scope, direction and the need for your paper. In short it gives the reader an idea of what they should be looking out for as they read through your work, and make sure that they understand the main points that you will be putting across.

The purpose statement is therefore a promise to the reader that the work is going to be developed in a particular manner. Perhaps the difference between this and the thesis statement is the fact that while you may provide your sentiments on the paper in the thesis statement, in this case you do not necessarily need to give your conclusion to the reader at this juncture. Another thing that you will notice about this statement is the fact that it is supposed to be found towards the end of your introduction. You can have it presented in a number of sentences or even dedicate a paragraph to this section.

The following are some important points that you must take into consideration when you are writing this particular statement:

  • Specificity
  • Concise
  • Clarity
  • Goals


The statement must be specific to the reader. You should not use any words that will end up confusing the reader in the long run. You must therefore make sure that you use words that are as precise as possible when you are working on this section. At the same time, try not to appear to be too obscure or broad as you write this section. This will only make it harder for you to achieve the intended purpose.


As we have already mentioned, you can dedicate a few sentences to the purpose statement. This can be one or two sentences, or a number as you see fit. A paragraph might be all you need, as long as you keep the content precise.


In your attempt to make the statement clear, be sure not to make it look ambiguous or confusing in the process.


A good purpose statement needs to focus on some goals. It is important for you to ensure that you deliver the statement along desirable outcomes that you intend to achieve and in the long run you will achieve your objectives.

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