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How to Compose an Effective Research Paper Statement

In the introductory portion of any formal academic paper, you will find the most important statement of the entire composition. This is called the thesis statement. Then within each of the body paragraphs, you will also have an important phrase. It is called a topic sentence. The thesis sentence guides the overall direction of the paper, while the topic sentences will guide each paragraph of a main point. Use our lesson on how to compose the most effective research paper main sentences.


  • Must have a transition-as you leave one paragraph and head to he next paragraph, you have to introduce it. You will be leading up to the topic sentence. You must use transitions such as the words, next, second, or in addition to for a smooth move.
  • Must be in active voice-write in active voice and avoid passive voice and writing in the past tense. Use the present tense to help create those active verbs.
  • Cannot have slang words in it-this is an academic paper and cannot include any slang words at all. Ever.
  • Cannot have contractions in it-the same rules applies for contractions such as don’t, can’t, or won’t. Do not include them in your academic and formal papers. You will lose points on the composition.
  • Cannot have spelling, grammar, or mechanical errors-you can have a perfect composition that gets a low score if it is riddled with errors. If you are unable to proof and then edit to remove those mistakes, hire a professional to do it or ask a friend (who is good at it) to do it. No spelling, grammar, or mechanical errors allowed ever.
  • Must be what the paragraph is actually about-sometimes you have a great idea, but it has nothing to do with the paper or the paragraph. Make sure that the paragraph and the topic sentence actually match and have something to do with each other. This is important when you are going to compose a paper.
  • Put the weakest one in between the two stronger ones-if one idea is weaker than the others then put that one in the middle of stronger ideas. Never put it firs tor last in the order.
  • Have one for every main point-every single main point must have one. It has to be there in the first part of the paragraph. This is imperative.

Use these tips on how to compose the most effective topic statements for your research paper. They will help you to have success.

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