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Where to Get a Checked Research Paper Table of Contents Example

No matter what subject you study, writing a research paper is one of the more difficult tasks you encounter in any class. They take several weeks to complete and often require the highest attention to detail when it comes to organization and presentation. Page numbers, section breaks, and headers are all elements that make reading your work much more enjoyable, but they can be even more effective if you include a well-thought and organized table of contents to bring them all together. If you don’t know how to construct an academic table of contents for a research paper, it’s a good idea to get a hold of an example to use as a guide. Here are some suggestions for finding a checked table of contents to help out with your project:

Finding academic resources at the library

The first step is to find successfully published examples at your university library. Speak with a reference librarian to get help locating resources in your specific area of study. Whether they are journal or book anthologies you will get to see what a checked research paper TOC should look like when formatted correctly.

Getting a sample copy from your instructor

Be sure to get assistance directly from your instructor throughout your project. Most instructors hold office hours where they will answer any questions you have. Ask to see a sample copy of a research paper in order to learn how to the proper formatting for a table of contents should appear. You can also use the example to get an idea about structure and logical order.

Asking the online community for a sample

Take advantage of the online community to get assistance with your project. Join a chatroom or forum and post a request to get an example of a proper and checked table of contents. There should be a number of community members from around the world who can provide you with excellent samples. Make visiting an online community a habit. Your connections can help you throughout your academic career.

Downloading templates from your department

Another great resource for finding a checked example is your department’s homepage. You should have access to dozens of free downloadable templates. If you can’t locate a template on the webpage then visit the department’s office directly and ask to see samples. They should provide you access to dozens of great examples you can take home and use throughout your project.

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