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How To Draft A Research Paper Title Page: Guidelines & Examples

When writing a research paper there are various sections that you will need to include, one of these sections is the title page. As part of the title page you will include a variety of different details, so as to give the reader a better understanding of what to expect from the work. In order to help you write this section, the following provides a range of tips.

Details to include

There are various details that you will need to include on this page. One of the first things you need to include is the title of your work. It may be that you have a main title, as well as a sub title that you also need to include. The main title should be slightly larger than the text of the subheading, with all of the text centred in the middle of the page.

As well as the title of your work, you need to include your name, as well as the names of any other people that may have assisted in the writing of the work. For example, if you are the lead writer on your paper then your name will go first or, alternatively, whoever is the lead writer will have their name first. The other names will then be included in order of importance.

There are various other things you may wish to consider when writing the title page, including any necessary dates, the educational establishment that you have written the work for, the department where you are studying, and potentially even your professor’s name, if necessary.

Finding out what to include

Whilst most research paper title pages will follow a similar format, it is possible that you will need to be aware of various changes or instructions specific to the work that you are doing. For example, there are various different writing styles and guides that can be used when writing an academic paper, including APA style, MLA style, and several others.

Be sure to check the instructions related to the specific style that you are using. Furthermore, you may have been given specific instructions from your professor, teacher or someone else at your college and, if this is the case, then you will need to be sure that you adhere to any additional or specific requirements that you have been given, particularly if they are different to any traditional instructions that you might otherwise use.

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