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How To Select Successful Research Paper Topics: Advice For Middle School Students

Middle school comprises of grades from 4 to 7. Needless to say, the students are still quite immature and childish and cannot hold their own with extensive research. Thus, they need to be given those works they can find enjoyment in and do their own experiments to strengthen their beliefs.

A cause for cacophony

Now, ask these students to pick their own research topics and you will come across a cacophony of sorts. There will be a pool of differential ideas; some gross; some inadequate and some surprisingly perfect. These students’ eyes are not yet clouded by layers of veneer and they can think brightly on matters which we have ingrained suspicions on.

Choosing relevant topics

Teachers should advice kids to select those topics on which they can do methodical work. Since it is a sustained work of some length; they will first need to acquire due knowledge about the topic and be conversant with the theme. Secondly, they will have to scoop out a fervent methodology subject to their capacities.

Groups make research convenient

Students can be advised to form a group of 3 or 4 to make the research work more convenient. This way, they can share their findings and even conduct neighborhood sampling and survey. They should also be encouraged to take online help to gain further knowledge about the chosen topic.

Mapping all subjects

The topics should cater to different subjects and groups should be cajoled into trying all the subjects. The accumulation of research work would be generous. You should also show them the right way of forming the framework of the methodical work so that they don’t deviate from the path. You should also encourage them to proofread their work before getting it done by elders.

Here are 10 successful research papers on varied subjects –

  1. The effects of environmental pollution in your locality
  2. The benefits of perfect indoor air quality and how it helps towards to a better life
  3. The mindset of an alcoholic; why it is so hard to get rid of the addiction
  4. Finding out ways to make the locality more energy conscious
  5. Finding out causes of rebellion among children
  6. Analyzing the rampant effect of landfills on ecology
  7. Finding out the importance of greenhouses
  8. Analyzing the impact of deforestation and the impact of housing estates on environment
  9. Analyzing the debilitating effects of Math on middle school students
  10. Finding out various creative examples to strengthen the laws of buoyancy

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