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The Term Paper Bibliography Format: Writing Instructions

Term papers are required by every college level student and higher and they’re simply research projects designed to be completed during the course of an entire semester. These essays usually follow specific formats, most of which can be found easily with a simple search using any search engine. The bibliography seeks to provide information on the sources, methods and authors of published works used in your essay in detail. The following are some steps you could take to assist you while completing a term paper bibliography.

  1. Decide on the type of bibliography you will be writing
  2. You can approach this task in different ways, it could be descriptive, where the author describes the book itself as an object, investigating the origin and production of a particular book. However, for your purposes, you will be required to produce a Enumerative type and this entails keeping a records of all books, journals, papers and sources referenced in your thesis.

  3. Required information for printed sources
  4. Printed sources must be presented with the following information fields: author’s name, date of publication, name of publishing firm, official title of publication and location of publishing. In the case if an encyclopedia or magazine, the volume or issue number must also be included.

  5. Required information for Web based sources
  6. Web page and online sources require the following information fields to be included: Author’s and editor’s names where available, title page if relevant, the host company of the website, the web address, or URL, without the “http/:”, as well as the last date the page was viewed by you.

  7. List in alphabetical order
  8. Each source must be listed in alphabetical order, first using the author’s name, otherwise the document title can be used where a name is not available.

  9. Location
  10. The locations of the bibliography can differ depending on the type used and the document. Ask your teacher to specify where they would like yours to go in your thesis or you could employ one of the standard styles commonly used by most major educational institutes. These styles include APA, MLA and Chicago style and each has its own way of referencing sources. The APA style uses a reference list, the MLA styles includes a “works cited” page and the Chicago style utilizes a Bibliography page, where all the information pertaining to any source used, is cited..

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