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List Of Original Term Paper Topics For Computer Science

There is a lot of information on the technologies used in the computer industry and this branch of science seems to be ever growing, creating more devices and protocols for everyday use. Writing an essay on computer science should be easy once you decide on a topic. Like the study of medicine, law and aviation, computer science has many terms and acronyms that are sometimes used to discuss different aspects of the field. Listed below are some helpful term paper topics on this subject matter ranging from obsolete hardware to latest technological breakthroughs.

  1. Compare the differences among current operating systems.
  2. Choose a feature or service that a particular hardware component or component set delivers and compare it to previous methods.
  3. Outline the failures, successes and trials the industry experienced while trying to increase the data transmission among multi-platform devices.
  4. Show how display devices were improved from the CRT to LCD. Include the avenues that were considered but not pursued.
  5. Discuss the differences between non-integrated motherboards and partially or fully integrated motherboards.
  6. There are two current technologies used to manufacture hard drives, compare these different process and outline the benefits of each..
  7. Carefully consider and state the decisions or actions that caused IBM to lose their monopoly over personal computers.
  8. Describe the differences between the AT and ATX form factors.
  9. Write an essay on the emergence and validity of computer related features and functions in the courtroom as evidence.
  10. State the reasons the majority of people use of standard keyboards instead of ergonomic keyboards.
  11. Show how networking technologies like baseband and broadband assisted in increasing the number of LAN, MAN and WAN systems throughout the world.
  12. With the increasing popularity of smart phones and other devices that were not designed exclusively for the connection to conventional networks like the internet, highlight how they maintained network protocols and still preserved functionality.
  13. Consider both the reduced instruction set computing and the complex instruction set computing to discuss the strengths and weaknesses each system has. Important functions like networking, printing, cross platform compatibility and other prominent tasks people use computers for should be the angle taken to show their differences.
  14. Discuss how games has affected the personal computer market within the last fifteen years. Give information on the development of multimedia capabilities within this period also.
  15. Can the industry completely eliminate the need for expansion cards? Discuss the technologies used today and the ones that are still theoretical, or in testing stages, to validate your points.

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