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Creating A Research Paper Title On Depression: 15 Great Ideas

Do you need to create a research paper on depression, but have no clue what type of title to select? The best type of title is one that you can be interested to work on. Because if you think about it, a title that is boring will not inspire you to do the work that is required to get a top grade. With that thought in mind, here are 15 great ideas for research paper titles that you can use when working on your next depression related project:

  1. What are the biggest factors that lead to depression?
  2. What are the main symptoms that show up when a person is depressed?
  3. What can be done to help a person that is depressed?
  4. How can we as a society help people who are depressed?
  5. Do you feel that you can get over depression by yourself?
  6. Is there any type of event that justifies depression?
  7. What chemical changes in the brain occur when a person becomes depressed?
  8. What type of people are the most vulnerable to depression?
  9. What can be done to avoid people getting depressed in society?
  10. Has the rise of technology led to an increase to the number of depressed people?
  11. What are the main roadblocks to getting a depressed person cured?
  12. How can we learn more about depression in order to overcome it?
  13. What are the biggest drawbacks that depression has no a person’s life?
  14. Are there any benefits that depression brings?
  15. What type of early warning signs can be used to detect the onset of depression?

Personal experience

Keep in mind that the best type of topic to select is one that you have some personal experience with. Even if you have never been depressed yourself you might know of an individual that has been depressed. You can find out more info from them that you can use for your project. However, ensure that you take the time to get your facts right as that will greatly increase the quality of the piece. You’ll see that when the correct topic is chosen your ability to enjoy the writing process will be increased.

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