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Picking Up Excellent Research Paper Topics about US History

At history classes, students may often be assigned to write research papers. While the history of the United States isn’t very long in comparison to many other countries, there are many events that are worthy of discussing. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for some students to come up with good topics on their own. For this reason, you may find a list of excellent topics on the U.S. history below.

  1. Rebellions of the Native Americans against the colonists.
  2. Investigate and discuss in your paper why the Native Americans rebelled against the colonists and their new order.

  3. The influence of the American Revolution.
  4. Do your research and write in your paper how the American Revolution influenced the lives of African Americans and women.

  5. The Embargo Act.
  6. This topic allows you to investigate what impact the Embargo Act made on the economy of the United States.

  7. Social reform movements.
  8. Write about the movement of abolitionists and other movements that helped women and American Africans have a political voice.

  9. Andrew Jackson.
  10. Investigate and discuss the reasons and changes in the political culture that caused Andrew Jackson to achieve power.

  11. The increase of the population.
  12. This topic allows you to investigate why the population of the United States doubled in the period from 1880 to 1920.

  13. World War I.
  14. Do your research and write in your paper about the preparations of the United States to World War I.

  15. The U.S. and Latin America.
  16. Investigate in your paper why the United States became involved in Latin America in the 1920s, both economically and politically.

  17. The Great Depression.
  18. Explore in your paper how the Great Depression affected ordinary Americans and how people dealt with the Depression.

  19. World War II.
  20. This topic allows you to investigate what contribution the United States made to defeat fascism and how this war affected the American population.

  21. McCarthyism.
  22. Investigate and discuss whether the actions of Senator Joseph McCarthy towards communists had positive or negative consequences.

  23. The Civil Rights Movement.
  24. Write in your paper about the Civil Rights Movement and the reasons for this movement to start.

  25. The feminists.
  26. Investigate what reasons caused women to start the feminist movement in the 1960s and what were their demands.

  27. The war in Vietnam.
  28. Explore in your work how the morale of the American soldiers was affected by the Vietnam War.

You may use topics from this list to write your paper or narrow them to create new original topics.

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