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Top 16 Research Paper Topics For Nursing Students

If you are tasked with writing a research paper on a nursing topic there are many options available for you. But if you are having a difficult time creating the perfect idea consider the examples below:

  1. You can craft a research paper that focuses on how nurses can help people who are suffering from an age related illness
  2. You can explore ethics and how this relates directly to patient safety for different nurses
  3. You can explore what nurses need to know when handling chronic illnesses
  4. You can research why there is a shortage of nurses and how those with in the nursing field can climb the career ladder and achieve higher positions within the industry
  5. You can explore the challenges that nurses face in improving women's health
  6. You can research how nurses can renew and transfer their nursing license when they move to a new location
  7. You can explore different strategies nurses can use for a quick response to emergency and critical care situations
  8. You can explore the role that nurses play in emotional rehabilitation
  9. You can research how nurses can help patients to deal with phobias and fears
  10. You can explore what nurses can do to promote healthy lifestyles which are designed to prevent illnesses
  11. You can explore the difference between primary care providers and nursing staff
  12. You can research different nursing careers and what steps have to be taken to attend accredited schools
  13. You can explore the role that nursing education has within social media
  14. You can review the manner in which the role of nurses has changed over the last few decades
  15. You can explore alternative therapies and whether they should be counted as nursing
  16. You can explore the different risks associated with nurses and what measures can be taken by medical institutions to insure that all nurses are safe when working

Remember that all of these ideas are intended to be a guide, something from which you can explore topics that you are personally interested in, and topics which meet the parameters of your assignment details. The examples above should serve only as a jumping off point from which you brainstorm ideas that you are passionate about and want to explore further in the course of your research. This is the key to a great paper.

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