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How To Come Up With Research Paper Topics On British Literature: Useful Tips

At some point of our high school education we are taught about British Literature. Being handed topics for essays and having assignments to cover, taking up the challenge of coming up with a research paper topic on the subject is a difficult task. This article is written to assist you in focusing on your target and leading you with a few tips and tricks to write a unique paper with a standout topic.

Identifying the right topic for your research paper:

What you need to realize the most is that the best topics are the ones that emerge from your own experience, reading and knowledge of British Literature and works on the same. So how do you decide on a topic?

  1. An analysis of a work’s characters on their realistic, historic and symbolic base.
  2. A contrast on the choices that characters or authors make in a particular work.
  3. Deconstructed analysis of any particular work.
  4. Sketch a political perspective on a work.
  5. The study of contextual influence of a work on the society, its politics and economy.
  6. Debating on the origins of historical events that engendered a particular work by an author.
  7. Analyzing a specific image that reappears in multiple works.
  8. Sketching out the outside philosophical perspective that a work has been based on.

These are the few concepts you may use to come up with your own unique topic. Most topics are hard to come across and many may even seem to be banal. It is advisable that you keep your paper exciting, fresh and add in a new twist giving a new definition to being British at the time. While more people tend to look towards the classier side of British Literature, you could shed some light on the pop culture that the country has lived to witness.

Simple tips for R and D and its implementations:

  • If you prefer to refer to the Internet, remember that even though Google and Wikipedia are abundant in information, find only authentic pieces of information for your work.
  • Collect all details including the basic biographical data about the author, work summaries, any embryonic analyses and all other sources of the topic at hand.
  • Scrounge the library for journal articles, scholarly books and more that could give you a serious and more direct approach on the subject.
  • While constructing your paper keep in mind to avoid any citations of encyclopedias and dictionaries.
  • Blend in your concepts and ideas from the author’s perspective to your paper.

With these simple strategies and a well-directed topic, you will have a top class research paper on British Literature in no time.

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